About Us

My E Ride is a privately owned and operated Australian business. We pride ourselves on quality E Bikes and E Scooters, as well as excellent customer service before, during and after sales.

We personally hand pick a range of E Bikes and E Scooters sourced from only the best quality-controlled Manufacturing facilities around the world. Our aim is to bring you the best quality E Bikes and E Scooters, as well as E Bike and E Scooter accessories for the lowest possible price. Our range of E Bikes and E Scooters are stylish. functional, simplistic and most of all reliable.

Our range of E Bikes and E Scooters are amongst the most user friendly and technologically advanced in Australia and around the world. Our E Bikes and E Scooters are designed and built to exacting Quality Assurance Standards and meet all the necessary Australian regulations and requirements.

Man shouldering Lightweight Carbo Ebike
Easy and Smart Choice with Honbike

Easier & Smarter

Red Rear Light-Bike Accesories

Sporty and Futuristic

Electric Bike In Corridor

The Lightweight E-bike Experience

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Always Feel In Control Commute With Ease

A message from our founder

Smart Bike Features - Lightweight Design by Urtopia

“Our company itself has been in operation for over 30 years. In that time, we have successfully started, expanded and watched grow into long-term rewarding and profitable businesses, which have all been passed onto new owners, where they all continue to operate and run successfully today.

You may all be asking, why start so many Businesses, only to sell them after being so successful and to start all over. The answer is quite simple, my wife and I have great enjoyment in starting a business, building the foundation and watching them grow and flourish. I guess you could say that it’s like having children and watching them grow into adults.

The one thing that these businesses all had in common was customer service. The level of customer service and attention to detail we provided, was in our opinion second to none and with that said, we will without a doubt continue the same level of customer service and attention to detail with this exciting new business venture for years to come.”

Martin French
My E Ride Founder

Man Carring Lightweight eBike on Stairs
Man in Suit Riding Bike

What makes us different?

Our idea at that stage was a little different, with the way we wanted to run My E Ride, as well as the type of E Bikes and E Scooters we were wanting to offer the community and public.

With the help of COVID, E Bikes and E Scooters have become more popular than ever and it seems the popularity won’t end anytime soon. My E Ride is determined to change the trend in people’s thoughts and ideas when it comes to purchasing an E Bike, or an E scooter.

Why should you choose My E Ride?

My E Ride’s range of E Bikes, will cater to all sectors of the community, as we have sourced a handful of E-Bike models from around the world which are unique in every way. From lightweight folding E-Bikes to E-Bikes made from carbon fibre and aircraft grade aluminium, as well as the convenience of being belt driven. My E Ride’s level of before and after sales service is guaranteed to be the best around.